In case you are a referee and would like to be a part of one of Norway's largest youth basketball tournaments, please sign up using this link.

You will be asked to fill in your contact information, refereeing level and bank account number.

We offer:

100 NOK for "Kampleder" - Level 0  
150 NOK for "Aspirant" - Level 1
175 NOK for "Region" - Level 2
200 NOK for "Forbund" - Level 3
280 NOK for FIBA
per game (the games are played with a 2x12 running clock, and 4x5 effective in EasyBasket - U12). For payment above aspirant, documentation or proof of level is needed. 

- Transportation to/from Kristiansand (1)
- Accommodation (4 nights, hotel, in multibed rooms, only for out-of-town referees)
- Breakfast (at the hotel) Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
- Other meals (lunch+dinner) during the tournament.

Every referee will have to sign a contract at the start of the tournament. At the end of games, the referee is obligated to fill in a referee receipt with their name, time and date, game and signature.

(1) In regards to transportation, referees will be reimbursed (by show of receipts) by the following overview, depending on where they are arriving from:

Oslo area: Max 800 NOK roundtrip

Bergen area: Max 1200 NOK roundtrip 

Stavanger area: Max 600 NOK roundtrip

Trondheim area: Max 1400 NOK roundtrip 

Denmark: Max 800 NOK roundtrip

Other foreign areas: Max 1300 NOK roundtrip

Payment will be transferred to the given bank account in accordance to the referee receipts. The total amount shall be transferred to the referee at the latest one (1) week from tournament end. The referee receipts are the only permissible documentation on which the referee payment is to be made, so please take care of these and be sure to fill them in!

We reserve the right to turn away referees based on need, referee level and other circumstances.