Each Summer the Kristiansand Pirates organize one of Norway's largest youth basketball tournaments in one of Norway's top Summer towns - Kristiansand. We welcome you all to a wonderful experience in May/June of each year. You may register teams through this website, through our new registration system. During the tournament all results will be updated here on piratescup.no and group tables will be automatically updated.

After the registration deadline, each teams contact person will be sent practical information regarding the tournament.

Points of interest during Pirates Cup 2023 can be found on this link.

Pirates Cup has historically been an "end of season" cup, and therefore the age groups are decided by the 2023/2024 season. Youth team players may play in these age groups:

G is for the Norwegian "gutter" (boys), while J is for the Norwegian "jenter" (girls)

U11, players born 2013 or younger (Mixed group - no boys/girls divide)

U12, players born 2012  or younger

U13 , players born 2011 or younger

U14, players born 2010 or younger

U15, players born 2009 or younger

U16, players born 2008 or younger

U17 , players born 2007 or younger

U19, players born 2005 or younger

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case of less than 4 teams in an age group, that age group will be combined with another. We will try our best to hold a final between the teams in an age group regardless of it being combined with another

Apart from the possible combination of U17->U19, we will not combine 3 age groups into one category.

Please keep this in mind when registering teams in these age groups.

Game schedule will be planned out and ready for you about a week before the tournament start. At that point, each teams contact person will be notified about the game schedules now being published on www.piratescup.no.

Be aware that the tournament starts on Wednesday the 8th of May (around 17:00), and all teams might be required to play on that day. Tournament should be done by around 16:00 on Sunday the 12th of May.  Take this into consideration when planning your arrival and departure.  

Game schedules and contact details will be available online on this website about one to two weeks prior to the tournament start.