This year’s accommodation will take place wherever participant teams wish themselves.

In case you're unsure, we have deals with great local, central hotels in the Kristiansand city center. We have chosen hotels that are in close approximity to local buses that will easily transport you to the gyms where the cup takes place. Our main playing fields, Gimlehallen, Idda Arena and Aquarama are in/within walking distance of the city center. Below you can see a list of the hotels that have an agreement and their associated code for booking. We also have a school offering. 

Our partner hotels

Comfort Hotel Kristiansand - Kart


Single: 1350,- per night
Double: 1550,- per night
Triple: 1850,- per night
Quad: 2150,- per night

Booking deadline: 08.03 2024

Booking through: Pirates Cup 2024

Scandic Hotel Bystranda - Map


Single: 1190,- per night
Double: 1390,- per night
Triple: 1570,- per night
Quad: 1770,- per night

Accommodation includes breakfast.

Booking code: BPIR080524 

How to book:
- Go to
- Be sure to have the language in Norwegian or English.
- Type in Scandic Kristiansand bystranda under "Hvor ønsker du å bo"/"Where do you want to stay"
- Type in wanted dates for the visit.
- Type in BPIR080524 in the box that says "bookingkode, bonus cheque eller bonusnatt"/"Booking code, bonus cheque or reward night"
- Complete the booking by inserting personal info and a card number as a guarantee etc.

Booking deadline: 01.04.2024.


School accommodation: 

We offer quite a limited amount of accommodation in schools. This is a very basic, and cheap, option for sleeping in classrooms on the floor; includes no meals. 

COST: 800,- NOK per person (for the whole tournament) 

The schools ( Lovisenlund; Oddemarka) are in close proximity to Gimlehallen/Aquarama and a bus stop. 

Teams interested in school accommodation should contact us through e-mail: E-MAIL .

What's included with school accommodation:

- Sleeping in classroom/gym (bring your own mattress/sleeping bag)
- Possibility to use the school kitchen (important to clean up after use!)
- Depending on the school there are showers and refrigerators available to use (fridge capacity is very limited due to few fridges and many staying teams - use of the refrigerators are at your own discretion and the tournament takes no responsibility for stored food and/or drinks)

Larger groups might be placed together with other teams from the same club in a gym, rather than a classroom.

P.S. The above are the options at this point, other options may be added at a later date.