NBBFs general rules apply with these exceptions:

- Playing time U13 and up: 2 x 10 minutes, running time. Stoppage during free throws.
  • Last 2 minutes of the game: Stoppage time if the score is within 8 points of each other, else running time.

- Playing time U10 and U12: 4 x 5 minutes, effective time.
- Substitutions are continuous. No need to wait for a dead ball situation.
- Four personal fouls
- 1 time out per period (unused time outs do not carry over to the next period)
- Referees administer the shot clock
- In case of ties and the end of game there will be an additional 2 minute extra period. In case of a tie at the end of the extra period, there shall be another extra period decided by "sudden death". This second extra period will start with a tip-off mid court.

Age groups Pirates Cup 2018:

G is for the Norwegian "gutter" (boys), while J is for the Norwegian "jenter" (girls)
U10, players born 2009 or younger
U12, players born 2007 or younger
U13, players born 2006 or younger
U14, players born 2005 or younger
U15, players born 2004 or younger
U16, players born 2003 or younger
U17, players born 2002 or younger
U19, players born 2000 or younger
Senior series is open to any age, limited participation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case of less than 4 teams in these age groups, the following will happen:

GU13 - will be combined with GU14

GU15 - will be combined with GU16

GU17 - will be combined with GU19

JU14 - will be combined with GU13 or JU15

JU15 - will be combined with JU16 or JU14

JU16 - will be combined with JU17 or JU15

JU17 - will be combined with JU19 or JU16

So apart from the possible combination of 17->19, we will not combine 3 age groups into one category.

Please keep this in mind when registering teams in these age groups.

Overage players:
You may apply to use overage players in an age group. You are allowed a maximum of one (1) overage player per team. The application must be evaluated before this player is approved.

Several teams:
In case a club has several teams in the tournament, a player may play on several teams as long as they are not in the same age group, the player is eligible to play in that age group and it doesn't lead to an organizational problem during scheduling.

Players may not play for several clubs in the tournament, nor are they allowed to play on several teams in the same age group.

Protest may be handed to the secretariat during the cup. You must pay a non-refundable protest fee of 350 NOK when handing in a protest. A committee will form a swift decision on the protest and all teams involved will be informed through the proper channels.

In case of edits to these rules, the participating teams shall be informed through e-mail.