Kristiansand is one of the largest cities in Norway with about 85 000 inhabitants (closer to 120 000 with the surrounding areas). We're known for being a "Summer town", with our nice weather, beaches and beautiful Norwegian nature. Don't believe us? Look here . Or here , maybe here is better? What about HERE .

We're a friendly family city, with plenty of activities for children. For instance we have Norway's largest and most popular zoo (and amusement park): Dyreparken . Furthermore, one of Norway's largest aquatic centers is located in Kristiansand: Aquarama

Getting to Kristiansand

Kjevik airport is located about 17 km away from the city center. It has connecting flights to other Norwegian cities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø (through, and as well as direct flights to international airports in Amsterdam (Netherlands) through, Gdansk (Poland) through and Copenhagen (Denmark) through

The buses go to/from Kristiansand Rutebilstasjon and direct ones go to Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen. Check, or for bus tickets

Trains stop at Kristiansand stasjonand go to Oslo in the East and Stavanger in the West, where you may catch connecting trains. See for more information on schedules and prices

There are 2 ferries that travel to Kristiansand, and both leave from Hirtshals (Denmark). You can check and for more information on schedules and prices.

Travel around Kristiansand
Getting around Kristiansand is quite simple. First of all, the accommodation you'll be staying at will be in the city center, where you'll find everything you need! Second of all, we have many bus lines that connect the city center with any part of Kristiansand. The gyms where our tournament is played is right by many bus lines' stop.

When getting around, see for bus schedules and other information. Be sure to check out their app AKT Billettand save around 40% on tickets compared to "on bus"-purchases. See more information about the app by following this link.