Medals 2022:
(Sluttspill A)
EB-85 was one of 49 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Pirates Cup 2022. They participated with three teams in Gutter 13, Gutter 14 and Jenter 14 respectively. The team in Jenter 14 made it to the the in Puljespilland won it over Hop BBK by 20-0.

EB-85 comes from Bekkestua which lies approximately 240 km from Kristiansand, where Pirates Cup takes place. The area around Bekkestua does also provide 20 additional clubs participating during Pirates Cup 2022 (Among others: Farmers, Ås IL basketball, Årvoll Basket, Uranienborg turnforening - Basketball, Nesodden IF Bobcats, Persbråten j06, Sandvika, Kjelsås basket, Sandvika BBK, Lommedalen Idrettslag and Nordstrand).

20 games played


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